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Free Forever

Many job boards ask you for a monthly fee.

Then, they have you jumping through hoops to get access to quality writing roles on their site.

We will never ask you for payment to belong to our exclusive private writers’ group.

Employers pay to advertise their writing roles, and we pass those opportunities to you at zero cost.

Private Facebook Group

If you’re accepted as one of our recommended writers, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group.

Inside, you’ll find the latest jobs from advertisers on our job board.

You’ll also get access to opportunities through our personal network. These roles may not be advertised elsewhere.


If you have questions or need assistance along the way, you have access to our admins in the Facebook group.

We encourage you to post inside the group, to enter into discussions, and to help other writers out.


When we feel it’s appropriate, we’ll promote you and your expertise.

This may be on our website or directly to our personal networks.

Plus, if you’re a great match for one of our advertisers, we’ll reach out and let them know!

How to become one of our recommended writers

  1. Complete the application form
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What happens after I’m approved

We’ll post all open roles from our job board advertisers inside the group.

This is the best way to quickly find suitable writing positions.

We list all open jobs on our website too, but you need to be one of our recommended writers to apply.

We’ll also list open roles from other sites – to save you time in your search..

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